Compression Recovery Boots

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Recovery is the key to improving athletic performance. Backing up effective training sessions, day after day is fully dependant on how well you recover!

• Recover faster
• Backup sessions with less fatigue
• Improve Circulation
• Reduced risk of injury
• “Unlock Your Potential” through recovery


How does it work?

The body will naturally remove waste products through our lymphatic system and blood vessels, however, to do this we need our muscles to contract to push the lymphatic, as the venous systems don’t have the ability to pump on their own.

‘Active Recovery’ (light exercise) is often performed, resulting in muscle contraction to assist with lymphatic drainage and venous return however this process can be sped up…enter Recovery Boots!

Recovery boots provide an addition to the passive way the body naturally removes bi-products that result in soreness and fatigue.

Active sequential compression is applied when using the boots.

This increases circulation and improves the rate at which metabolic waste products are cleared while increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

This speeds up the recovery process in a way that exceeds other forms of recovery, by stimulating an “active recovery” process while still being at rest.