Dr Disha Ganglani

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Dr Disha Ganglani (Osteopath)
B.SC, B.SC (Osteo), M.H. Sc (OST)

Hello, my name is Disha and I have an ever growing passion for science and all its applications.

From a very early age I surrounded myself with every scientific discipline until I was mesmerized by the human body and its incredible functions. Since then, I have devoted myself to understanding disease processes, injury states and psychological influences, which allows me to help people with pain.

I enjoy treating people of all ages and backgrounds. I treat the body as a whole and work with patient goals to individualize rehabilitation programs and provide targeted manual therapy. My 8.5 year educational journey has earned me 3 degrees and a keen interest in study/work ergonomics. I work with both direct and indirect manual therapy techniques and am qualified in cupping and dry needling. I place a high value on patient education, ensuring that we can understand the multifaceted contributors to pain and eliminate them.

I am comfortable treating acute injuries however I also have experience treating chronic pain. This is a particular interest of mine as I have experienced chronic pain myself.

In my early years I played basketball, netball and participated in regional swimming competitions. In my adulthood I practice yoga, pilates and continue to work on my running. When I am not working, my interests lie in food, travel and hiking.

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