Dr Michael Petridis

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Dr. Michael Petridis
Bsc/BAppSc (Osteo)
Member of OA

Hi, I’m Michael and I am a registered Osteopath from RMIT University. I treat using a range of osteopathic techniques and have undertaken further training in dry needling. Given this, I can tailor my treatments to suit your needs.

As I have always had an interest in the healthcare space, I was drawn to osteopathy when I learned about the holistic approach we take. I love the challenge of assessing the body as a whole and working to identify the root cause of someone’s pain rather than just treating the symptom. This is where you may see me ask a lot of questions, treat more than just the site of pain and have a conversation to educate you about why your pain may be occurring.

I have grown up playing sport, I still live and breathe it every day. As a young adult, I played basketball, soccer and little athletics. In recent years I have become a middle-long distance runner and race anywhere from 1500m to half marathons. I have also completed my level one coaching course and you can now find me down at Box hill Athletics Club with Dinneen Runners where I coach junior and senior athletes.